When “Cross-Platform” Is An Understatement: Making Weird Physical Games With Web Technology


Making games and weird interactive experiences by hacking on old hardware is exciting, but can also be intimidating. How do you deal with physical hardware? How can you write and test things that run both on your home computer and on whatever weird hardware you’re working with? Writing cross-platform code is always a challenge, but what happens when “cross-platform” means something much further afield than desktop & mobile or browser & server? This talk hopes to demystify making cross-platform games and custom hardware games, showing how you too can easily make these sorts of games using JS!

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Em Lazer-Walker

Cloud Advocate - Microsoft

Em (she/they) is a Toronto-based an artist/engineer who makes interactive art, experimental games, and open-source software tools to empower creativity. Most of her work focuses on using nontraditional interfaces to reframe everyday objects and spaces as playful experiences and to inspire people to become self-motivated learners. She currently works as a cloud advocate at Microsoft.

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