Dear JavaScript


This is the story of Cirpo's journey with JavaScript. It’s about the things that he wishes he knew since the beginning, his “ah-ah that’s how it works! moments that guided him to coding in a more expressive and declarative way. It's a love letter for this powerful language, a talk that bounces between the technical and the personal perspectives. Cirpo's hope is that everyone in the room, even experienced developers, will learn a bit more about writing more idiomatic and consistent JS code, learning from the mistakes he made and that he still witness every time he sees other devs start using it.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Alessandro (cirpo) Cinelli

Head of Engineering - Developer Experience - DAZN

Alessandro Cinelli (a.k.a. cirpo) is currently working in London as Head of Engineering - Developer Experience at DAZN. He loves building tools for other engineers, playing with programming languages and giving back to the community.

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