Living Things


We carry within us the power of creation. We build tools and systems, cultures and institutions, nations and gods. All living things possess this power: to create more of ourselves. We and our creations are embedded in the tapestry, woven together into a fabric of physical, social, and cognitive systems. Now we are teaching math to sand, and encouraging glass to think. We are creating creatures unlike any before: with no bodies, optimized desires, and alien minds. How do we navigate our incredible responsibility as creators as our creations begin to grow minds of their own?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ashi Krishnan

Sr. Software Engineer - GitHub

Ashi is a visual poet who has been telling stories with code and words since she was a child—perhaps before. She has worked at seven-person startups, fought fires in the trenches of SRE at Google and spent the last three years teaching at coding bootcamps. She now works as a senior software engineer at GitHub on the Atom project, where she hopes to break down the walls between us and our tools. She is learning to regard every moment, and the creatures within them, with love.

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