GraalVM: Fast, Polyglot, Native


GraalVM challenges the status quo on the JVM. This newly-released JIT compiler brings substantial speed improvements and support for polyglot applications. It also allows us to translate our JVM bytecode into self-contained native binaries. In this session we’ll explore GraalVM’s potential. We’ll focus on Clojure, but our discussion will apply to many more programming languages. We’ll use GraalVM to build small native binaries. We’ll discuss the method’s limitations and their impact. Finally, we’ll build complete Clojure web apps weighing a fraction of their traditional JVM incarnations.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jan Stępień

Senior Consultant - INNOQ

Jan is a senior consultant at INNOQ, where he works with people and with computers. He's based in Berlin but you can run into him in various corners of Europe. Jan enjoys community events, where he often discusses functional programming, architecture, and testing. He organises the Munich Clojure Meetup; swing by if you're in town, we're a really friendly bunch.

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