Akka Cluster versus Kubernetes: Clustering Solutions Showdown


An Akka and a Kubernetes expert walk into a bar. They order drinks and try to figure out what is better for building distributed applications. Does Akka Cluster have a place in the age of Kubernetes? Does Kubernetes bring any value to those who are building applications using Akka? Akka Cluster is a mature choice to achieve full elasticity for your distributed JVM services. The Kubernetes orchestrator offers a growing set of features - think resilience or custom scaling metrics - that ultimately overlap with Akka's. This talk explores integration patterns between the two. Friends or foes?

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Fabio Tiriticco

Software Engineer, Tech Lead & Speaker - Reactive Amsterdam

Tech Lead, Reactive Architect and Scala Developer. Community guy at the root - I'm the organiser of the [Reactive Amsterdam](https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-Amsterdam/) meetup. Long distance bicycle touring and fingerpicking guitar.

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Ádám Sándor

Senior Engineer & Consultant - Container Solutions

Adam's calling is to battle the demons of bad software development. Combining his knowledge in distributed architecture and cloud technology, he guides companies in their journey to improve software delivery. He is part of the awesome team at Amsterdam-based consultancy Container Solutions.

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