You don't know MobX State Tree


MobX State Tree is a simple and powerful solution to manage your application state, based on MobX. You probably heard about it and maybe you tested it out with an “hello world” project, but... are you using it in production ? Reactive Architecture, Model Composition, Mutability and Immutability are just a small subset of all the features that I’m going to walk you through. Join me to find out why MobX State Tree could be your next best friend!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Max Gallo

Principal Engineer - DAZN

I’m a pasta eater biped working at DAZN with hands-on experience as a Full Stack Developer, iOS Developer and UI/UX Designer. My areas of expertise are JavaScript and Front-End technologies. I like Functional & Reactive solutions both for programming and architectures. I use spaces, not tabs.

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