How To Improve Your Javascript With 30 Day Challenge


Don't know where to start to become a better web-developer, still confused when reading the code of other people? Some replies on Stack Overflow seem to you like magic and make you frustrated to continue learning to program. If yes, then this talk is definitely for you. I am going to explain where to start, how not to stop coding and still be motivated. And how to get inspired to learn new things that are more complex. In a few steps, you’ll learn how to come up with and implement 30 simple mini-projects in a short span of 30 days.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Ilona Demidenko

Frontend Software Engineer - Zenjob GmbH

Ilona is a Frontend Software Engineer at Zenjob in Berlin. Her professional interests include web development and web design, focusing on ReactJS applications. Intrigued by blogging, vlogging and traveling. She likes to work hard for things that are worth it.

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