Hybrid Cloud (Kubernetes, Spark, HDFS, …)-as-a-Service


The overall evolution towards microservices has caused a lot of IT leaders to radically rethink architectures and platforms. One can hardly keep up with the rapid onslaught on new distributed technologies. The same people who just asked yesterday "how can we deploy Docker containers?", are now asking "how can we operate Kubernetes-as-a-Service on-premise?", and are about to start asking "how can we operate the open source frameworks of our choice, such as Spark, TensorFlow, HDFS, and more, as a service across hybrid clouds?”. This session will discuss: Challenges of orchestrating and operating

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jörg Schad

Distributed Systems Engineer - Mesosphere

Jörg Schad is a Developer Evangelist at Mesosphere who works on DC/OS and Apache Mesos. Prior to this he worked on SAP Hana and in the Information Systems Group at Saarland University. His passions are distributed (database) systems, data analytics, and distributed algorithms and his speaking experience include various Meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.

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