The 7 pillars of design (and how they apply to our lives)


Dominance, Equilibrium, Space, Balance... there are principles governing design that insure that the outcome be successful and of best quality. These same principles can extend into our lives, in a quest for more balanced, purposeful, and qualitative lives. The talk explores and illustrates design principles (thus qualifying as a design talk) while offering space for reflection about the importance of designing meaningful lives for ourselves.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Raffaella Isidori

Founder/Creative Director -

I build brands and create the communication for businesses around the world and assist companies in localizing (Ita/Eng) their brands, products, and messages. Besides that, I design (UX/graphic/visual/digital/print), study, teach, take pictures, write, translate & coach professionals on communication and language. Curious as a cat and in love with diversities, I collect books, fonts, spices, and essential oils. I live and work in the countryside (mostly Italian), surrounded by flora & fauna, where I cultivate dreams, and push boundaries. Online, I'm Zetaraffix.

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