Oop vs functional: stop the fight and start building message driven serverless applications


Let's get back to the time when languages could be defined with just 6 reserved keywords or none at all, and learn how the ideas that John McCarthy and Alan Key envisioned in Lisp and Smalltalk are still alive and kicking in our serverless and message-driven world. No matter the language you are using now, and how much you are an OOP or functional guy, you'll learn how to develop better serverless applications and build extensible and decoupled workflows.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Alessandro Confetti

Tech Principal - ThoughtWorks

I started writing software when I was fourteen, and I have never stopped since then. In the meantime, I studied philosophy, focusing mainly on logic and language. Before joining ThoughtWorks in 2017, I worked on data projects for several years. Now I am helping large organizations making sense of their legacy software and data, finding ways to modernize it. I am constantly looking for ways to perfect the three great virtues of a programmer, as stated by Larry Wall: laziness, impatience and hubris. Therefore I try to automate everything, design architectures that meet and anticipate customer ne

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