The future of work is female


AI is increasingly taking over jobs requiring physical strength and analytical skills - stereotypically attributed to men. But the way to automate social skills like empathy and caregiving – stereotypically attributed to women - is still quite long. Example: 3 million truck drivers in the US (95% male) have a risk of obsolescence of 80-100%; 3 million secretaries (95% female) have a risk of obsolescence of about 10%. What does this development mean for our future social structure? What actions are needed to prevent negative consequences of such transition? Will the future of work be female?

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Agnieszka Walorska


Agnieszka M. Walorska is a founder of a digital consultancy Creative Construction Heroes GmbH (, focusing on User Experience and Digital Innovation. Agnieszka is a speaker and author of publications on User Experience and digital innovation. She has lead successful UX and innovation projects for banks and energy, insurance and media companies. Agnieszka is dealing with digital innovation and User Experience for more then 1/3 of her life now. When not solving UX- and innovation-problems, she is training for the next triathlon.

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