Surviving a legacy codebase: tactics and tools to keep the right path


We will show you how to regain control of a legacy codebase written in Java. This codebase shows some classic design problems but more than that, badly expresses the domain of the problem we want to solve. During the session we will tackle the code the XP way: it will be a live refactoring in pair programming; we will show how the quality and expressiveness of the code can be progressively improved if we apply some good development practices with the help of some effective tools.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Paolo D'Incau

Agile Developer - XPeppers

I prefer people over tools, and strongly believe in the root values of the Agile Manifesto. For living I practice OOP by day and spread FP the night. I love discussing about teams and their values, Continuous Delivery and refactoring.

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Pietro Di Bello

Agile Coach - XPeppers

Hi there, my name is Pietro and I currently work at XPeppers as Agile Coach and XP software engineer. I like to coach teams and help them improve and be better at their job. But I cannot live without putting my hands on a keyboard: I'm a passionate coder, working mostly with Java and Ruby. I like to design, code, test-drive, build and run systems to solve people's needs. I enjoy talking about agile methods, Lean, Kanban, and more broadly about every principle, practice or process that may improve the way we work day by day. I'm always looking for better ways of doing things.

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