20 things to know about Kubernetes and GKE


In a few years Kubernetes has become the "de facto" orchestrator for containers. But with maturity came complexity: it may be difficult to understand Kubernetes in details, and one can have lot of questions especially when starting with Kubernetes. This talk is a REX around good practices, tips and errors to avoid in order to use Kubernetes and Google Container Engine more efficiently... the kind of things you should know as soon as possible when using Kubernetes, or at least that you wish you knew earlier!

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alain Regnier

CTO - Kubo Labs

Alain Regnier is a Technical Architect and Entrepreneur passionate about innovation and new technologies. He has spent 10 years in Silicon Valley working for startups and large companies. He is the founder and CTO for Kubo Labs. As a Kubernetes Expert with more than 7 years experience with Kubernetes, he helps companies that want to move to Kubernetes or use it more efficiently following Best Practices. (strategy, cluster installation, audit, training...) He is a GDE Cloud (Google Developer Expert) and certified Google Cloud Architect.

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